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Obituary for Darrell Park


It is with tremendous sadness that we announce the passing of our beautiful Darrell Lee, mother of Cameron and Olivia. Darrell was born on June 17, 1991 and passed away in hospital January 2, 2022, with her loving mother at her side.

After a diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) on July 10, 2020, Darrell fought with everything she had. After two rounds of chemotherapy, she was advised that a stem cell transplant would be the best option moving forward. She had the stem cell transplant in Ottawa on April 6, 2021. After her 100 day stay in Ottawa, we thought she had won her fight against cancer. However, in early September, a complication sent her back to battle, and it was the hardest one yet.

Darrell was raised on East Francis Street, where she met many lifelong friends. She was educated at Hyde Park/Kingsway elementary school and went on to graduate from Westgate High School. After overcoming some early childhood health issues, her happiest childhood memories were spent on the farm with her Baba and Gege. Darrell also loved getting together with her many cousins, aunts and uncles.

Darrell loved all animals. She would often return home from Baba and Gege's with a little apple crate containing a not so lively bird she hoped to bring back to life. The backyard of her Francis Street home became the final resting place for many bluejays, crows and other birds.

Darrell worked several jobs from an early age. She was a very hard worker, often working two jobs to support her little family she loved so much. For the past 10 years, she was a friendly face at Robin's in Westfort. After spending so many months in the hospital, Darrell had decided she wanted to enter the healthcare field and was considering which profession she would study in.

Although her life ended far too soon, she was able to travel abroad several times. She travelled to Greece, Turkey and the Mediterranean on a high school trip. She also enjoyed a trip to Western Canada with her friend Christine, several family vacations, including the Dominican Republic, and a very special mother/daughter trip to Jamacia after her high school graduation. Her last trip prior to her illness was with her dear best friend Melissa to an Aqua concert in Winnipeg. She was planning to bring her children to see the ocean, and we will do that for her.

Darrell was a beautiful, kind and caring soul who never held a grudge, forgave easily, and always wanted everyone to get along. Having spent her 30th birthday in Ottawa recovering from the stem cell transplant, an amazing belated birthday party was held in her honour this past summer by her Aunty Jane and Uncle Stanley. Many of her aunts, uncles, cousins and second cousins attended to celebrate our special girl. We can never thank them enough for that day, as very shortly after she faced her biggest battle yet.

Darrell fought so hard for many months. Her goal was to be home with her family for Christmas, and with her fight and determination, she got her Christmas day. After returning to the hospital Christmas night, her illness started to take over. As tired and in pain as she was, she continued to fight. She expressed numerous times that she was not ready to leave us. The last words she spoke were "what happened?". We don't know exactly Darrell, but we do know you did not deserve this and we already miss you more that we can describe.

Your kids will always be reminded of your love for them and how hard you fought to get better. During their last visit when you were in the ICU, we know you could hear them. Before they left, Olivia said "Mommy tried her best to get better for us", and Cameron said "I know Mommy will always love us". You did good Darrell, you were and always will be their amazing mother. We won't let them forget.

Darrell is lovingly survived by her children Cameron (9) and Olivia (7) and her long-term partner and father of her children, Alfred Dickison, and of course the "boys" Ace and Watson. Darrell is also survived by her mother Marilyn and stepfather Dave Barnwell; her namesake and father Darrell and stepmother Camilla Park; her two older, (often annoying, know-it-all sisters) Brandi (Neil) and Marci (Dave); her stepsiblings Jon (Ashley), Jeff and Jarrett; David (Diane), Michael (Nowell) and Rebecca; her very special Baba who she loved so much and was so loved by, Mary Mazur; step-grandparents Barb and Bob Barnwell; her nieces and nephews Ava, Gavin, Paityn, Audrey, Ben, Alice, Charlie Rose, Ashton, Emmett, Kolton and newest nephew Hunter. Darrell also leaves behind many aunts, uncles and cousins who she loved so dearly in both the Mazur and Park families.

Darrell is predeceased by her sister Violet; her Gege, Mike Mazur; grandparents Robert and Rose Park; and Uncles John Mazur and Bobby Park.

A celebration of her beautiful life will be held at a later date when Covid restrictions allow, as we know how many lives she touched and how many people will want to attend.

In lieu of flowers, a trust has been set up for her two favourite people, Cameron and Olivia, through their Baba, Marilyn Barnwell. Donations can be made at any Royal Bank of Canada: Account Number 524-780-4, Transit 03852.

Darrell will live in all our hearts forever. Love you!